Survivors Network

The Survivors Network for Air & Surface Medical Transport

This network provides support, education, and resources to air & surface medical organizations, personnel and their families, and works to help mitigate risk and aid in individual and organizational post-accident recovery.

Our Story

Survivors Network founders Krista Haugen, Megan Hamilton, Teresa Pearson, and Jonathan Godfrey
Survivors Network founders Krista Haugen, Megan Hamilton, Teresa Pearson,
and Jonathan Godfrey

After surviving a helicopter-crash from a rooftop helipad in Olympia, Washington in October of 2005, flight nurse Krista Haugen found herself in uncharted territory. The ripple-effect of experiencing a helicopter crash was profound personally and professionally, and she became aware that the magnitude of resources needed after such an accident were not readily available. So when she heard of the HEMS crash in Kalispell, Montana in November of 2006, she called to offer support to the crew, who had all survived. She eventually heard back from flight nurse Megan Hamilton, and in sharing their post-crash experiences they began to recognize the importance of networking for support. This was reinforced when Megan "paid it forward" and called to offer support to the survivors of a helicopter crash in Kansas in August 2007. Flight nurse Teresa Pearson responded to her call. These three flight nurses found invaluable support in sharing their postcrash experiences with each other. They determined that the development of a network and venue for support industry-wide was paramount, and so founded the Survivor's Network so they could share what they had learned with all others in the industry.

Their ideas were confirmed after they spoke at AMTC 2009 as members of flight crews approached them in support of their efforts, and shared their own experiences of difficult flights, loss of colleagues, and the emotional toll of the patients that left indelible impressions on their hearts and minds. The AAMS Survivors Network has since joined forces with Jonathan Godfrey and VisionZero, as well as the Association of Professional Flight Chaplains, and are continuing to network with anyone in the industry who wishes to participate.

Are you a HEMS accident survivor or do you know any HEMS accident survivors? There are just a couple slots left for participants in the following study. The deadline for applying to participate is Thursday 8/30. We'd love your input! Click here to download our flyer for more information.

We welcome your participation!

Our Mission

To draw from personal experiences as seasoned health care professionals and helicopter crash survivors to provide a support network, education, and resources to air & surface medical organizations, personnel and their families; and to facilitate collaboration within the air & surface medical communities to mitigate industry risk and aid in individual and organizational post-incident/accident recovery.

Our Values

  • We believe in caring for our caregivers in the air & surface medical transport community
  • We believe this can be accomplished with a proactive approach to safety by creating an open, collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach on both national and local levels that emphasizes education, awareness, communication, and information-sharing.
  • We believe in technology as an adjunct to the safety process, but we also emphasize the importance of the human factor, human interaction, and the sharing of human experiences as being equally important in the safety process.
  • We believe in stress mitigation, resources, and support for flight crews, for the day-to-day traumas and tragedies they witness, and for post-incidents and accidents.
  • We believe that no one should be left behind on the heels of an incident or accident and we are committed to reaching out to individuals, families, and organizations to provide ongoing support if so desired.
  • We believe that in sharing our personal stories, we can help to bring people from this industry, past and present, together to promote safety and promote optimal health of individuals and organizations, so that together we can pursue the invaluable mission of our industry.
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